A Place of Miracles Cafe


     We serve hot homemade meals Tuesday,Thursday and Friday to the needy who live in the old motels and trailer parks around the Jefferson Davis corridor.  Many of these are elderly or families with children.  The people who live in the motels do not have kitchen facilities to prepare healthy meals. At Cafe they sit as a family and community.Our volunteers sometimes donate for their meals which helps us say open.Bring your family here to eat and volunteer.GREAT food and Great memories! Teaching your children to give back to community!




     This year with help from generous donors we were able to provide Christmas gifts for over 91 children.  This included stockings and stocking stuffers, toys, books and games.  We were able to give the adults a small personal care gifts as well.

Our Community - Jefferson Davis Corridor

Things we always need:

1.    Reusable grocery bags, paper grocery bags, and backpacks

2.    Paper products, paper plates, take out containers, napkins, paper    towels,  plastic ware,  toilet paper

3.    Personal care items, deodorant, disposable razors, shaving cream,  soap, shampoo, tooth paste and tooth brushes 

4.    Baby formula,baby food and baby wipes

5.   Crockpots new or used in good condition please

6.   Tents, sleeping bags and camping items

7.Donations it helps us stay open!!

8.Volunteers We love them!